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Environmental Health

The Environmental Division enforces various state, and city laws, ordinances, and regulations pertaining to a wide variety of areas in the field of environmental health. The Public Health Sanitarians through education, inspection and consultation, enforce these laws and regulations. Programs included under the Environmental Division are:

Body Art: The Lorain City Health Department licenses and inspects Body Art (Tattoo/Piercing) facilities. Body Art is regulated under Chapter 3730.01 of the Ohio Revised Code and Chapter 3701-0 of the Ohio Administrative Code. Operators may find the following links helpful:

Childhood Lead Program: The Environmental Division, with assistance from the Nursing Division, coordinates the Childhood Lead program. Upon referral from a physician, an environmental assessment is conducted which includes educating parents, coordinating the screening of children and inspecting the residence to identify sources of lead exposure.

The Environmental Division has a HEPA vacuum that may be used by residents of Lorain and Avon Lake. There is no charge for the use of the HEPA vacuum. The person using the vacuum must have a valid driver's license or current Ohio Identification Card. The resident is responsible for picking up and dropping off the vacuum at the Lorain City Health Department.

In fall 2015, the Ohio Department of Health's Ohio Healthy Homes and Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (OHHLPPP) was awarded more than $2.9 million from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to perform lead-hazard control work on properties housing one or more children less than six years of age.

The grant enables OHHLPPP to conduct lead hazard control and healthy homes work in 18 Ohio counties including Lorain. Specifically, the funds are used for identification of lead hazards in units occupied by children who have been lead poisoned or are at-risk of becoming lead poisoned, the remediation of the lead hazards though appropriate control or abatement procedures, and ancillary activities such as training, outreach, and casework.

For more information on whether you may qualify for this program, please contact Dania Nixon at (614) 387 - 1289 or (614) - 877 - LEADSAFE (532-3723) at the Ohio Department of Health.

Food Safety Program: Food Safety Program: The Environmental Division licenses and inspects all Food Service Operations (FSO), Retail Food Establishments (RFE), Mobile Food Service Operations, Temporary Food Service Operations, and Vending Machine locations located the cities of Lorain and Avon Lake. The Environmental Division provides education, enforcement, and illness investigation to lower the risk of foodborne illness within facilities. Food laws and rules may be found at OAC 3717-.1 Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code.

Current and prospective operators may find the following documents helpful:

Housing Program: The Lorain City Health Department licenses and inspects multiple dwelling units containing three (3) or more units. Multiple dwelling units located in the City of Lorain are subject to basic health and safety requirements. The Environmental Division also assists the Building, Fire, and Police departments investigating complaints involving dwellings containing one and two units. Rules governing multiple dwellings within the City of Lorain can be viewed by clicking the following link:

Manufactured Home Parks: Manufactured Home Parks are licensed by the Ohio Manufactured Homes Commission (OMHC) and annual inspections are conducted by the Lorain City Health Department. Click here for laws and rules concerning Manufactured Home Parks.

Mosquito / Vector Control: The Lorain City Health Department works to prevent mosquito related illnesses by treating areas of standing water and education on the removal of standing water and other ways to avoid mosquito bites. For more information on prevention visit the CDC Avoid Mosquito Bites website.

Public Bathing Beach: The Health Department licenses and annually inspects the public swimming beach at Lakeview Park for safety.

Beach monitoring is conducted to test the water quality of Lorain County’s swimming beach waters and to notify the public whenever bacteria levels present a potential health risk to those engaged in water activities. Water quality is assessed regularly by the Lorain County General Health District. The most recent water quality results for Lorain County Beaches can be found by visiting the Ohio BeachGuard website.

Public Health Nuisance: The Environmental Division investigates public health nuisance complaints registered by citizens. The division issues abatement orders to eliminate nuisances as garbage, refuse, solid waste, and sewage that create an unhealthy and unsafe environment. To register a complaint online, click here and complete the form.

Rabies Control: The health department protects the public from the threat of rabies by investigating all reported domestic and wild animal bites/exposures that occur within the cities of Lorain and Avon Lake. The disease is spread through saliva from an infected animal though a bite or scratch. If you have been exposed to an animal bite or scratch contact the health department for follow up. For more information on rabies, visit the CDC Rabies website.

Residential Daycare Inspection Program: The Lorain City Health Department participates in this program as a service to residential day care providers. Some providers receive financial assistance from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Program toward food provided for the children under their care. These providers are required to have their homes inspected by the local Fire Department and the Board of Health. Environmental Division staff conducts comprehensive public health and safety inspections to assure a healthy and safe child care environment within the homes. Click here for the 2016 Residential Daycare fee.

School Safety: The Environmental Division Registered Sanitarians conduct school environment inspections twice per year to ensure school environments are safe places where students can learn and play. For more information, visit the Ohio Department of Health School Environmental Health and Safety Program website.

Smoke-Free Workplace Program: The Lorain City Health Department enforces the Ohio Smoke-Free Workplace Act. For a summary of the law, visit the Ohio Smoke-Free Workplace website. To report a violation call 1-866-559-OHIO or email NoSmoke@odh.ohio.gov.

Swimming Pools/Spas: The Environmental Division licenses and inspects all public swimming pools and spas in Lorain and Avon Lake to ensure safety and proper operation. While swimming and water- related activities are a great source of exercise and fun, it is important to remain safe! The following links may be useful for swimmers and pool operators:

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